Image depicting a couple being given alternative investment advice.

Why invest?

Most financial experts agree that alternative investments are best when used to diversify financial portfolios. In other words, instead of putting all of your money in to stocks, put some in stocks, some in bonds, and some in alternative investments

Historically, many of these alternative investments have been more popular among high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. However, there are a range of great investment opportunities that are more affordable and easy to access.

Invest with Wise Alternative Investments

In an ever changing economy, with thousands of investments to choose from, complex tax regulations to consider and worldwide political events influencing the markets, making the right investment decisions is no easy task.

At Wise Alternative Investments we start by getting to know you, your specific circumstances and what you want to achieve from your investment. Part of that is determining your investment timeframe and understanding your tolerance for risk as well as taking steps to safeguard your retirement.

Our wrap around service means not only can we recommend and arrange your investment, we can also manage it for you. So all you have to do is enjoy the benefits and returns.

Benefits of investing in alternative opportunities

Benefit 1: Diversification Potential of Alternative Investments

Investments in the context of a portfolio offer great diversification potential. Adding alternative investments to a portfolio can reduce its volatility without sacrificing part of the return. Diversification is one of the primary reasons why investors invest in alternative assets.

Benefit 2: New Exposures and Opportunities

Because alternative investments are so diverse, you have plenty of opportunities to find new exposures, which are not accessible with traditional investments. Besides stocks and bonds, you can invest in commodities, infrastructure, commercial property projects, or startup business ideas.

Benefit 3: Higher Returns on Alternative Investments

Some kinds of alternative investments are very risky on a standalone basis, but investors are rewarded for this risk by higher returns. Like all the other above listed benefits, this only applies to some types alternative investments. Like those of traditional investments, returns of alternative investments vary over time depending on market conditions and economic cycle.

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